Tokyo Games offer cutting-edge technologies for safety and security


Tokyo Olympics workers use cutting edge technology to maintain security and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The spectator standing at one of the Olympic venues, the Ariake Gymnastics Center in central Tokyo, will be mostly empty. Even so, organizers should minimize contact between security guards, athletes and Games officials in and around the facility.

Thus, they rely on high-tech devices, which also reduce the number of guards required.

The site, completed in October 2019, has a capacity of approximately 12,000 people. Artistic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics and other events will start there on Saturday.

Facial recognition and baggage inspection systems are installed at the front door and several other locations.

A high-precision camera takes photos of the faces of people trying to enter, then the system checks if they match the photos recorded in advance. Unregistered people will not be allowed to enter, even if they have a pass.

The organizing committee says the Tokyo Games are the first to use a system that verifies participants’ IDs using pre-recorded images of all people linked to the Olympics.

Another device at the main gate helps guards check vehicles for explosives and other suspicious objects. This includes objects hidden in the landing gear.

Security cameras and infrared sensors are mounted above a 2.5-meter wall surrounding the gymnasium. These devices can detect unauthorized persons trying to enter the premises.

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