The imagery of the multimedia exhibition “Beyond Van Gogh” crosses the walls


If you live in O’ahu, you might be wondering whether to buy tickets for ‘Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’, the multimedia exhibition based on the work of impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. It is now on display at the Hawai’i Convention Center. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa takes a peek inside the exhibit.

First of all, the name of the artist Vincent Van Gogh has a Dutch pronunciation which is more like “van khokh”. The name of the show is “Beyond Van Gogh” —Gogh pronounces “go”, Americanization.

Warning spoiler, you can move quite quickly in the first two rooms of “Beyond Van Gogh”.

Filled with text panels, the rooms look more like a crowd control mechanism. You had better read from your own freehand copy of the letters collected by Vincent Van Gogh, “Dear Theo”.

The gain is however significant in the multimedia room.

“The light show was absolutely magical,” said one attendee.

A widespread reaction to the colorful images sweeping the walls of a giant room, casting dappled shadows on everyone there.

“I loved the colors, I loved the portraits, I loved the way everyone interacted and felt with all the lights shining on them and the music,” they said.

Fanny Curtat, is an art historian, consultant to the creative team of Normal Studios, the producers of “Beyond Van Gogh”.

“For me, it’s about providing a different entry point into the art world, because I feel like a lot of people sometimes feel intimidated by art and museums,” said Curtat.

There are several multimedia productions based on Van Gogh’s life touring the United States at the moment. Curtat says that, as with all exhibitions, the curatorial vision is paramount.

“And for us, that was the idea of ​​going beyond the myth beyond the obscurity that comes with his work and focusing only on the brightness of it. How alive and well he is and filled with beauty, ”she said. “We strongly believe in the importance of art to Honolulu.”

Bill Weeshoff is Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing Communications at First Hawaiian Bank. They present “Beyond Van Gogh”, as part of the awareness of the digital presence of the bank.

“Van Gogh’s work, from a digital and classical perspective, was a good fit with what we were doing as a bank with some of our digital transformation efforts.”

There are no original Van Gogh paintings involved.

Over 300 digitized reproductions of Van Gogh’s paintings slide and bloom on the walls of the media room. They are grouped by theme: flowers, huge portraits filled with humanity, her bedroom, the hay field, and of course, “The Starry Night”.

Van Gogh’s paintings are imbued with a vitality that even moving images and sound don’t quite match.

“I encourage people to bridge the art world and experience it, and go to a museum if they can and see the real thing someday,” Curtat said.

A complete cycle in the multimedia room lasts about half an hour.

Tickets range from $ 35 for adults during off-peak hours to $ 45 on weekends. Youth under 15 range from $ 19 to $ 23. Children under 4 are free. There are discounts for students, seniors and the military. Click here for more information.

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