Taseen: Messenger mobile app, audio / video call, media chat / sharing aims to keep families stress-free and connected


Taseen – The Messenger is a Free Family Finder, Audio / Video Call, Mobile Chat / Media Sharing App

One way to help make life a little more stress-free “

– Dr Iftekhar Shams, President of Lam Aid Ltd.

LONDON, UK, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Taseen- The Messenger is a UK online platform, helps make life a little more stress-free. We are happy to launch the beta version of Taseen.

Features of the Taseen app:

Family locator:
Taseen helps to get the precise location of children, the elderly or other dependent family members at any time with the GPS tracking function. A notification is also received once they reach the destination.

Audio video call:
Thanks to Taseen, one can get in touch with family members instantly whenever they are away by using the audio-video calling feature of the Taseen app. Simply create an account on the Taseen app, add family members, and start a one-on-one conversation via audio-video calls.

Share information:
If someone is away from home and wants to share important documents or media, files with their family, the Taseen app is packed with features to send and receive messages, media and files instantly from any location.

How Taseen – The Messenger works:

Family is everyone’s priority and taking care of each member of the family takes a lot of effort. However, now no one needs to worry about taking care of their family members every time they leave their homes for a job. “Taseen – The Messenger App” has come up with all these necessary features that help connect with family members wherever they go.

The Taseen app uses the phone’s native Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker to keep the family safe even when they are away. Add a family member or friends to the Taseen app using the contact number and email id and select one of the two available options to request, namely “Send request to follow up location and chat ”or“ Send chat request ”only. Any Taseen user will be able to chat or follow another person’s location only if the user’s request is accepted on the device of the person to follow or chat with. If the user wants to follow loved ones, just add the location for which the user wants to receive the notification when they get there. Moreover, user can directly call or message family members in contact list using Taseen app.

The Taseen app is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taseen

Volunteers are welcome to test this app and run around their cities.

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