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A survey conducted by Suite 48 Analytics tried to gauge the common perception of cell phone cameras among professional photographers. How much do our mobiles stack up? We will take a look.

Photography is an activity that looks less and less like a trend and more like a social norm. Especially with the advent of social media and platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, it’s important to have a camera handy. This is probably the reason why mobile phone companies have started actively promoting better and better cameras in more compact devices. Perhaps no device sums up this ideology better than Apple and its line of iPhones. The quality of their consistently praised camera is one of the features most considered and admired by users when purchasing a new phone. But with all these devices at their fingertips, you have to ask yourself: can they hold the candle to professional cameras?

Perhaps asking the question mobile camera vs professional camera would not be prudent. After all, mobiles are designed to perform a number of other functions, while professional cameras are designed exclusively for photography and / or the videographer. Maybe it’s best to ask what professional photographers think of mobile cameras. Suite 48 Analytics is a marketing and analytics company based on the photo and video industry. They took it upon themselves to assemble a sample of 881 photographers from across Europe and North America.

So what do professionals think of cell phone cameras? Turns out the answer is a bit more complex than right or wrong. 13% of the population took more than half of their professional photos with mobile phone cameras, while 64% took none at all. However, when it comes to non-professional photos, only 14% of all people said they didn’t take any photos with their mobile camera. Therefore, although professionals do not often use their cell phones in professional environments, it is certainly not unheard of. More importantly, they also don’t lug around professional cameras for more casual rates, choosing to rely on their phones instead.

While it seems that all professionals still prefer their own cameras over cell phone cameras, one thing is clear. It is not the equipment that makes a good photographer, but rather their individual skills. Perhaps this is why these professional photographers are comfortable with using cell phone cameras, even completely eschewing their professional builds in more casual uses.

Survey examines general opinions professional photographers have of cell phone cameras

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