Strong and Proud: A Celebration of Pride | Multimedia


In a collaboration between Dose of Dance, an underground EDM organization in San Marcos, and Studio San Martian, an art venue and gallery, Loud and Proud Pride Fest was created.

In honor of Pride Month, venues came together with a celebration featuring live music, DJs, drag performances and vendors on June 24 at Ragnar’s On The Compound.

In this video, Adrian Perez from Wezmer, Drew Heaton and Sandeigh Kennedy from Cedar along with drag queens The Zesty Italian and Debbie Cakes talk about the importance of pride, acceptance, music and events like these. ci, as well as their own personal experiences with the LGBTQ + community and drag.

The video consists of footage from Natalie Ryan, interviews with Liliana Perez and was edited by Jeffrey Halfen.

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