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Christ the King
First reading: Dan 7: 13-14
Second reading: Rev 1: 5-8
Reading of the Gospel: Jn 18: 33b-37

Jesus calls all the baptized to evangelize: to spread the Gospel. This homily is the second in a series of three following the recent “Upper House” evangelistic event.

Evangelism requires renewal in the Church, Archbishop Michael Miller CSB said at the recent “Upper Room” evangelism event in Vancouver, and all true renewal is rooted in our “vital, personal, genuine and strong relationship. with Christ “.

He quoted Pope Francis, who in his Evangelii Gaudium (“The joy of the Gospel”) invited all Christians “to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ”.

This word staff needs explanation. Its original meaning is “concerning people” rather than things. By “personal” God, the Church means a God who is one Person – in fact, three Persons – and not just an anonymous force.

Today, however, “personal” generally means “unique to me” or “according to my preferences”. For example, my computer loads my “personal settings”.

Perhaps nowadays “person to person” best expresses the meaning of the Church.

How do we meet Jesus from person to person?

The apostles did this through their bodily senses: sight, hearing, touch and (at the Last Supper) smell and taste.

Apparently, however, Jesus did not consider the senses to be crucial, because only 40 days after his resurrection, he returned to heaven, telling Thomas that those who believe in him without see him are those who are blessed.

He also told Mary Magdalene not to “cling” to him, because he had “not yet ascended to the Father”. He meant – said Pope Leo the Great – “I would not like you to come to me as to a human body, nor for you to recognize me through bodily perceptions: I reject you for higher things; I am preparing greater things for you; when I have ascended to my Father, then you will treat me with more perfection and truth, for you will grasp what you cannot touch and believe what you cannot see.

Pope Leo declared that at the Ascension all that had been perceived by the senses of Christ “was transformed into a sacramental presence”.

“Sight has given way to doctrine” so that “faith may be more excellent and stronger.” As a result, when we pray, we can “lift up the eyes of our unhindered hearts to the heights where Christ is”; we can uplift minds and hearts not “pressed by earthly affections.”

We meet Jesus from person to person, then, in pray – which to Catechism of the Catholic Church calls our “living relationship” with God – and the sacraments – especially mass.

Mass is not simply what English “commemoration” or “remembrance” suggests. In Hebrew it is a zikaron and, in Greek, a history of the Last Supper, the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension of Christ. In other words, the mass is a representation, a updating, a renewal, of these unique events, so that today we can relive them, take part in them and celebrate them as truly as the apostles did.

My mother had a good image for anamnesis. The sun still shines on the earth, she said, but every morning the earth’s rotation presents the sun to us again, and we again participate in its warmth and light.

Our person-to-person encounter with Christ in prayer and Mass is not “verified by reason or science, validated by what it produces, or authenticated by sensuality or comfort,” Catechism said, but only by the faith of the Church of Christ.

This is what Scott Hahn achieved when he became a Catholic at the 1986 Easter Vigil. “I wish I could tell you about the sublimity of my feelings as I went to mass that night,” a he declared.

“The truth is, I was in such a rush, so unprepared, that I was communicating almost before I knew it. But when I got home, I realized that for the first time in my life, what happened to me at church was not based on my feelings. I had received the Body and Blood of Christ whether I felt it or not.

We are to have “a daily relationship with the Lord,” Pope Francis said.

We do this through prayer and Mass.

Father Hawkswell is once again teaching the Catholic Faith in plain English in written form and YouTube at Session 10, available on YouTube November 21, is “The contradictions of atheism. “

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