Ribble Valley: Meet TikTok’s viral twins with 17 million followers

Before 2019, Jamel and Jamil Neffati were two factory workers who dreamed of becoming social media stars.

Today, the ‘Neffati Brothers’ are one of Britain’s biggest creators on TikTok with over 17 million followers on the video-sharing platform.

The twins, who live near Wilpshire, have made TV appearances and rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s biggest celebrities – and it’s all thanks to their social media presence.

Ribble Valley TikTok stars Jamil and Jamel Neffati

Originally from small town Poland, the couple moved to Lancashire in 2013 where they hoped to study at Blackburn University Center at Blackburn College.

However, after a year of studying, the couple quit and wanted something different out of their lives.

Jamel, 28, said: “It wasn’t something we wanted to do in our lives.”

Jamil said, “At every family event, we are always the ones to entertain the group. We’ve always loved making people laugh.

The twins later worked in a factory as paint sprayers and often took on other construction work.

After some encouragement from their brother, they finally created their TikTok account in 2019 and said they “exploded” on the app right away, amassing 5,000 followers in just three days.

Jamel said: “We were amazed – we were checking every account because we couldn’t believe there were real people choosing to follow us.”

While working their regular jobs, the twins continued to pursue their careers on TikTok, sacrificing sleep to achieve their goals.

Jamel said, “When we started we were still working and trying to make it as social media creators. To achieve our goals, we only slept three or four hours a day.

“Our family couldn’t understand, they just thought we were making stupid videos.

“Now they have seen our commitment, they respect everything we do and we can take our career even further,” added Jamil.


We don’t want to be 30 🥲

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The twins, who train regularly at the Combat Performance martial arts center in Blackburn, are best known for their ‘relative’ comedy videos, some of which have amassed millions of views.

In total, their TikTok videos received 415.4 million likes.

Jamel said, “We want to make people smile and make people happy, that’s why we mainly create humorous videos.

“We also do a lot of relatable comedies that most people can relate to.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Jamil and Jamel with Ava Freedman at the Combat Performance martial arts center in BlackburnJamil and Jamel with Ava Freedman at the Combat Performance Martial Arts Center in Blackburn

Many exciting opportunities have come from their success on TikTok, including Brit Award invites and celebrity collaborations.

The couple even created music with and met DJ Jax Jones and American musician Machine Gun Kelly.

Jamel said: “At first it was hard to get used to this feeling and hanging out with these famous people.

“It’s a cherry on top of what we’ve done and we’ve created priceless memories around famous people.”

Earlier this year, the duo also made their television debut on E4’s Celebrity Coach trip.

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Jamil said: “Celebrity Coach Trip was more fun than it looks on TV and we had so much fun.

“We just wanted to have fun and we met some amazing people. We didn’t know what to expect but these people were very welcoming.

They hope to make more TV appearances in the future.

Jamil said, “We hope to be on more shows because our dream has always been to star in a TV show.

“We would also like to have our own show and we will do our best to do so.”

According to socialtracker.io, the twins are the third most popular Tik Tok influencers in the UK (based on follower count) – but they’re aiming higher.

Jamel said, “We want to be one of the biggest creators on the app, but we also want to stay true to ourselves and keep doing what we love.

“We are ambitious people and being at the top of the list is something we want to achieve.”

However, they don’t expect success to land in their lap and “graft” each day to achieve their goals – and understand that their social media notoriety can vanish at any moment.

@neffatibrothers Has been exposed 😅 @sabinitta @patik ♬ Know thyself – Drake

Jamel said: “We are so focused. We get up every day at 5:30 a.m. and we have a schedule to succeed in our lives.

“We don’t just wake up and release two videos. We have meetings, zoom calls and more.”

Jamil said: “It’s transplant all the time, but people only see what we post on social media – they don’t see behind the scenes.

“At some point you are a fan of Tik Tok, but in a year or two people might not be interested in the app. That’s why we are still focused and grafting every day.

You can keep up to date with Jamil and Jamel Jamil Neffati on their TikTok page or Instagram account by following @NeffatiBrothers.

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