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The Rapoo XW180 certainly looks like one of the best webcams around – its design resembles a compact version of the Logitech Brio, with rounded corners and a glossy face covering the lens and sensor. It’s an attractive kit that should complement a professional environment, while still being small and light enough to toss in your laptop bag between uses.

Best of all, it’s very affordable. The Rapoo XW180 retails for £ 39.99 / € 49.99 (around $ 55 / AU $ 75), which makes it cheaper than some of the cheaper webcams on the market, such as the Logitech C310 (45 £ / € 60 / $ 50), although it appears availability is limited to Europe at the moment.

The cable is a USB-A type connection and measures approximately 60 inches (150cm) in length, although it is attached to the back of the camera and cannot be removed like in the aforementioned Brio, this which can cause trouble if you need it. to carry the webcam frequently.

The Rapoo XW180 webcam on a table showing the tripod thread

(Image credit: Avenir)

The omnidirectional microphone built into the Rapoo XW180 is surprisingly good for a webcam, especially since even the most expensive webcams on the market still struggle to provide clear audio recordings, but it’s a stretch to say that the quality is pleasing to the eye. listen versus something like a dedicated USB microphone or a headset combo.

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Image taken on the Rapoo XW180 right out of the box

Out-of-the-box image quality of the Rapoo XW180 (Image credit: Avenir)
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Image taken on the Rapoo XW180 after some brightness adjustments

Rapoo XW180 image quality after some default brightness and saturation adjustments (Image credit: Avenir)

You get 1080p resolution at 30fps (or FPS), which is more than enough for smooth video in most apps like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, where your maximum resolution and frame rate can’t. anyway not exceed that. One glaring problem that the Rapoo XW180 has, however, is that the image quality is under-saturated and far too bright, washing out the subject of any color or features, as you can see in the image above.

You can adjust this in some apps by going to settings, but the Rapoo XW180 doesn’t come with its own webcam hub software, so any changes you make won’t carry over to every app. After lowering the brightness and increasing the saturation, we were able to achieve a nicer video quality, so decent quality is certainly achievable with a little work, but the out-of-the-box images leave a lot to be desired.

Webcam specifications

Here are the specifications of the Rapoo XW180:
Connection type: USB-A 2.0
Video resolution: 1080p @ 30FPS
Microphone: Omnidirectional microphone
Still image resolution: 1920×1080
Customizing Image Quality Settings: No
Diagonal field of view (FOV): 80 °
Focus type: Fixed
Mounting options: L-joint or tripod
Cable length: Integrated 1.5 meter cable

The Logitech C920 currently ranks number one as the best webcam on the market despite having the best options available thanks to its affordability for the quality you get at $ 90 / £ 90 / AU $ 136, which is about double the price. recommended sales. Rapoo XW180. In comparison, you actually get a pretty good deal by going for the XW180 if you just need a webcam that can outperform the one built into a laptop, and while it doesn’t quite live up to it. the quality of the C920 it does have a few small advantages.

One of the main ones is that the Rapoo XW180’s head can rotate 360 ​​degrees, as well as rotate slightly up and down thanks to a ball head mount for the camera lens. The fact that the webcam can be maneuvered gives it a head start over many of the popular Logitech webcams on the market that come with a fixed camera, especially if you need to orient your shot to hide a messy background. .

The Rapoo XW180 also has a surprisingly wide 80 ° field of view which can include much of your background in the shot. This can be beneficial if you have to give a presentation or if you use sign language to communicate via the webcam, especially since many webcams have a narrower field of view that only frames the user over the shoulder. to the top.

The Rapoo XW180 webcam on a table showing the length of its cable

(Image credit: Avenir)

We compared the Rapoo XW180 to three different Logitech webcams: the Logitech 4K Brio, the Logitech C920, and one of the more affordable offerings, the Logitech C310. The C310 is more expensive than the Rapoo offering and inferior in almost every way, limited to 720p and with a 60 ° field of view that unflatteringly zooms into the subject’s face.

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Image taken on the Rapoo XW180 after some brightness adjustments

Image taken on the Rapoo XW180 after some brightness and saturation adjustments. (Image credit: Avenir)
Image 2 of 4

Image taken on the Logitech Brio

Image taken on the Logitech Brio (Image credit: Avenir)
Image 3 of 4

Image taken on the Logitech C920

Image taken on the Logitech C920 (Image credit: Avenir)
Image 4 of 4

Image taken on the Logitech C310

Image taken on the Logitech C310 (Image credit: Avenir)

One odd thing we noticed is that most conferencing apps like Google Meet and streaming software like OBS actually detected the Rapoo XW180 as a CyberTrack H7, an entirely different webcam. It didn’t affect anything apart from the name, but it’s still confusing if you switch between different recording devices. You can use the XW180 with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and even Android devices, so it is unlikely to work on your hardware even if the device name is incorrect on some apps.

Deciding if the Rapoo XW180 webcam is right for you is mostly a matter of context. It doesn’t go very well with a webcam’s most important job – delivering high-quality video for broadcast – so it’s unlikely to convince anyone looking for a device for Twitch or YouTube. But it has a lot of use in the form of that rotating head, and you can even connect it to a standard tripod for a better viewing angle, something you don’t often find on affordable devices.

In reality, this is the price that will sell you for it, so if you’re looking for a cheap and reliable webcam and don’t care too much about realistic colors (and are happy to make a few adjustments to the brightness) then the XW180 is perfectly usable.

Buy if …

You need a cheap webcam
No fuss or frills, the Rapoo XW180 won’t win any awards for its performance, but if you need an affordable webcam for work or school then it’s a stellar product for what you pay for.

You like the wide angle
The 80 ° field of view is impressive for a webcam of this price, so if you need extra recording space the Rapoo XW180 is a great deal.

You need a strange angle of view
Being both tripod compatible and having that ball head style rotation means you can maneuver the Rapoo XW180 to a specific angle, rather than some of the stiffer rival webcams on the market.

The Rapoo XW180 webcam on a table

(Image credit: Avenir)

Don’t buy if …

You want feature sets
This is truly a “plug and play” webcam, so you don’t have any software or cool features to play with. If you like something with some personalization, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

You need a variable FOV
The 80 ° angle is fabulous, but it might be too wide for some, which is bad luck because you can’t make any adjustments to it. If you like closer shots, consider something from Logitech instead.

You want high quality video
The Rapoo XW180 gets the job done, but the actual video quality is pretty disappointing right off the bat. If you wanted to get into streaming or broadcast, you would have to spend a lot more money on a streaming webcam, or better yet, a DSLR camera.

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