Pima County Sheriff’s Deputies and Prison Officers Receive Body-worn Cameras | Local News


While the Sheriff’s Department is setting up the infrastructure to deploy the cameras, such as equipping patrol cars with Wi-Fi, it is also developing policies regarding the use of body-worn cameras.

Nanos said it couldn’t reveal these draft policies as they’re still under development, but the supervisory board was able to review them before approving the contract.

Supervisor Rex Scott had previously expressed concerns about how policies would handle the release of body camera images to the public, but said on Tuesday: “I think the current policy proposals are both comprehensive and well designed. “

The sheriff said the broadcast of the body camera footage would be integrated into the department’s critical incidents team, where other law enforcement agencies in the region would investigate use of force incidents before dissemination of images.

“When this incident happens, if it was my team that fired, we will be part of the investigative process, and we will not lead it and it will be handled by one of the other agencies, they will be the leader of that. . ”Nanos said. “Broadcasting to the public is going to be a pretty straightforward thing for us.”

As the only county law enforcement agency without body-worn cameras, Nanos felt it had taken so long to deploy the resource because “the technology was just being developed” during its previous one. one year term as sheriff in 2015.

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