National Hispanic Heritage Month videos available through Libraries Media Service

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To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, the Libraries’ Multimedia Department has compiled a list of streaming videos available to all students, staff, and faculty. Physical objects are also on display in the Multimedia Department, located in the Hodges Reading Room on the lobby level of the Mullins Library.


Quinceañera is a story fueled by the tensions of a Latino neighborhood in transition.

From two-time Oscar winner Pedro Almodóvar comes Volver, a tribute to women and their resilience in the face of life’s most outrageous tribulations. Another Almodóvar film, Bad Education, is a scandalous story of desire, revenge and murder.

Tradition prevents the youngest of three Mexican girls from marrying the man she loves in Like Water for Chocolate. In an attempt to stay closer, her beloved marries the young woman’s sister, and that’s when a magical and unique secret is discovered through her cooking.

In Viva Cuba, a tale close to “Romeo and Juliet”, the young love between two children living in Havana is threatened by the bitter conflicts of their parents.

Sin Number, by writer-director Cary Fukunaga, follows the plight of three Central American teenagers who make the harrowing journey through Mexico to get to the United States.


Inocente offers a rare insight into the inspiring life of a homeless and undocumented fifteen-year-old girl and the challenges she faces on a daily basis.

After 63 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, nine Argentinian directors have decided to image the state of human rights in their country through nine creative short documentaries compiled into a single film, D-Humanos.

The Deportation of Innocence tells the story of four immigrant children and their families as they struggle to come to terms with deportation and the lasting effects it has had on their lives.

Dolores Huerta is one of the most important, but least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first agricultural workers’ unions with Cesar Chavez, his contributions have gone largely unrecognized.

Flamenco School shows how a dedicated teacher and community organizer from New Mexico brought colorful and passionate Hispanic dance to America.

Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America reveals Sosa’s early life and rise to global stardom and explores the impact she had on the musical and political legacy of Latin America and the world.

HBO presents a unique insight into the dynamic and emerging culture of Hispanic America through a series of highly personal video portraits of Latinos who have contributed to the fabric of contemporary society in The Latino List, Vol. 1.

The Latin List, Vol. 2 features interviews with a cross section of Hispanic Americans who represent a variety of professions, disciplines and backgrounds, each speaking of the unique struggles and triumphs they have faced.

By 2050, Latin Americans could be the American majority. Yet, from a crackdown on “illegal” Latino immigrants to a wave of hate crimes, this Latino expansion is experiencing acute growing pains, as The Whole Enchilada shows.

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Even more Hispanic and Latin movies can be found using AVON’s databases: Academic Video Online, Kanopy Streaming Services, and Swank Digital Campus.

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