Jio Fiber users can now make video calls from their TVs using their Android smartphones and iPhone cameras


Jio Fiber users can now make video calls from their TV without the need for an external camera or webcam. This new feature, called “Mobile Camera”, is available from the JioJoin app (formerly known as JioCall) available on Android and iOS devices. This allows the user to turn the mobile phone’s camera into a video call input device. It enables video calls through JioFiber Voice bundled with JioFiber service and provides call support for broadband users. Customers can also use the JioJoin app on their mobile devices to make voice calls through landlines.

The “Cameran on Mobile” feature has been tested over the past few months and is now being rolled out for both. Android When ios user.

To start a video call on your TV using your mobile device’s camera, you must first set the 10 digits Geofiber JioJoin application number. This allows the app to efficiently create a phone as a companion device with a Jio fiber connection.

Once configured, you can activate the “PTZ Camera” function from the settings of the JioJoin app. You are now ready to use your phone as a webcam to make video calls from your TV.

Jio Fiber recommends users to switch to 5 GHz Wi-Fi band with modem to make video calls clearer. However, while you can still take advantage of this feature in the 2.4 GHz band, there may be some delay.

JioJoin application App Store When Google play.. The device must be running at least Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0.

recently, Oneplus When Xiaomi We introduced a TV webcam only to allow people to make video calls on the big screen when they are indoors. COVID-19 (novel coronavirus infection) Pandemic. However, the model that uses the phone as a webcam brings additional convenience to JioFiber users as it eliminates the need to purchase another device to make video calls on the TV. However, the phone activates video streams to the recipient over Wi-Fi, which may reduce the quality level. Most affordable smartphones don’t even have a high-quality selfie camera to provide a great video calling experience.

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