How Different Infrastructure Projects Can Affect a Home’s Value | Multimedia


The subject of infrastructure has dominated much of the news lately. The housing market too. But have you ever thought about the impact of a home’s proximity to infrastructure on its value, at least in normal times? It is a worthy mental journey to take if buying or selling a home is in your future.

UpNest has compiled a list of 10 large-scale infrastructure projects that can affect a home’s value using data from research papers and association studies. Some of these projects are usually good for the price a house can sell for, others are detrimental, and some could go both ways.

Of course, these external factors are among the many variables that ultimately influence the estimated value of a home by buyers. A house can score big points for facing a gorgeous fairway, but it will likely get messed up if it’s full of old fixtures and has interiors that need a complete facelift.

Since infrastructure projects to and around a home don’t always attract attention, especially on paper, buyers would be well served to tour a property and its neighborhood, research online, and interview. agents on the relevant infrastructure before submitting a bid.

Keep reading to find out how various infrastructure projects can affect a home’s value.

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