For less than $ 5 per month, this app helps you manage your social media


If you have a dream of becoming famous online but don’t know where to start, HelloWoofy can help!

Although we’ve had a crazy year, there’s one interesting thing about 2021: you can become famous overnight from the comfort of your smartphone, thanks to social media. If you follow famous influencers on Instagram and TikTok, you know there is a lot of fame and fortune to be had in running a successful account.

If you have a dream of becoming famous online but don’t know where to start, HelloWoofy can help. HelloWoofy Social Media Management is an app designed to help you with content creation, marketing, and planning on your social accounts, and currently a one-year subscription is available for just $ 49 (that’s 91% off the regular price of $ 588).

Great influencers have one thing in common: they are constantly posting new content. And unfortunately, it can be a full time job and a time commitment. If you don’t have the financial resources to employ a social media manager, but still want to market yourself or gain more recognition for your business, HelloWoofy can help for less than $ 5 per month.


It uses AI technology to power your platform and constantly create social media or blog content to engage with and grow your audience. And not only does this help create content, but it also recommends hashtags and suggests the right emojis based on data science, and can help make solo posts or part of an entire campaign. It’s like having a professional at your fingertips!

Need to translate an article into another language for a different audience? HelloWoofy can translate your messages into the language of your choice. They can also help you find royalty-free images if you need them for your posts, and you have access to graphic editors like Canva, PicMonkey, Crello, and DesignBold to make your posts stand out. It is also possible to rate the backend, as you will be able to see analytics on factors like comments, likes, and shares.

HelloWoofy is a star in itself! He competed against dozens of companies and came in second on Tim Draper’s “Meet the Drapers” TV show. If you need help upgrading your social media accounts, buy a one-year subscription to HelloWoofy today for just $ 49.

HelloWoofy ™ social media management: one year subscription – $ 49

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