Contemporary Pediatrics® named winner of the 2021 APEX Grand Prix


Contemporary pediatrics® member of the editorial team Lois Levine and contributing authors Jennifer walton, doctor of medicine; Brandi kaye freeman, doctor of medicine; Yasmin Tyler Hill, doctor of medicine; Olivier brooks, doctor of medicine; and Lynn smitherman, MD, were all recognized for the article in the February 2021 problem. Out of nearly 1,200 entries, only 100 receive a Grand Prize, making it an exclusive award and a great success for the publication.

The APEX 2021 Awards were based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and overall communication efficiency and excellence. Now in his 33e year, the APEX awards program selects the winners from among the most promising publications in which professional communicators can participate.

“There are few topics that generate more passion in the media than the topic of racism. It is difficult for most adults to deal with the topic, and this entry highlights how the topic affects children. This special report on ‘Racism in pediatric health: how to talk about racism to children » should be required reading not only for pediatricians, but also for parents, ”said the APEX Awards Selection Committee. advice, that would be an award-winning entry. Not surprisingly, the recommendations on how to talk to children about racial issues would also be helpful when talking to adults. Without a doubt, just a great resource for pediatricians. “

For more information on the 2021 APEX Grand Prix program and a full list of winners, click here.

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