Best smart home devices of 2022

This list is all about the best smart home devices. We’ll do our best to make sure you understand this list of the best smart home devices. I hope you like this list Best smart home devices. So let’s start:

About the best smart home devices

The best smart home devices can make your home more automatic, safer and cleaner. In some cases, these connected objects can even save you money. Whether you’re turning on the lights from your phone, streaming music to a speaker with Alexa (or Google Assistant or Siri), locking your doors remotely, or vacuuming your floors without lifting the little finger, the best smart home gadgets offer total convenience. .

The number of smart home brands continues to grow. However, not all smart home devices are as good as they claim. We’ve tested dozens of submissions in every category, from the best home security cameras to the best smart light bulbs. Whether a device can be controlled via an app or via voice, we’re here to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Smart home devices are quickly becoming a category of necessary items, especially for enthusiasts. The ability to control certain aspects of your home using a simple phone app or voice commands will become increasingly important in the future. These also make great gifts for that friend who loves tech but can never decide what to buy.

Check out the list of best smart home devices

Arlo Q

It’s one of the cheapest cameras in the Arlo family, but the Q is still pricey, ranging from $130 to $200 depending on the retailer. But if you’re already interested in the Arlo universe or want something you can trust, the Q is still a good option. Setting up this camera was quick and easy with the Arlo app, and it doesn’t require a hub, so there’s one less thing to set up and find a place for.

The ability to quickly register for the live stream is an important factor for any security camera. Arlo’s 1080p streaming is crystal clear, even compared to Ultra’s crisp 4K resolution. However, it takes several seconds to connect and the stream lags a few seconds behind real time. You cannot talk about security cameras without talking about the security of these cameras.

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat

The latest Ecobee SmartThermostat retains the familiar look of previous offerings, featuring an all-black faceplate with a central touchscreen. The 3.5-inch color LCD screen features a 320 x 480 resolution and acts as the device’s command center, with no additional hardware buttons.

The SmartThermostat connects to home networks directly via Wi-Fi, without the need for an additional hub. In addition to Wi-Fi, the thermostat features Bluetooth and 915 MHz RF radios for easy connections to accessories like the included SmartSensor.

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Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) is now the largest model in the product family. Like the rest of the range, the Echo Show 10 is a smart display and smart speaker in one, with a 10.1-inch screen and a three-driver speaker system in the base. However, the device has a unique party trick: the screen mechanically swivels to face you, allowing you to clearly see what’s on display from anywhere within the device’s peripheral vision range.

The screen can be manually tilted up or down for easier viewing and camera orientation, depending on the height of the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen). The bottom of the base unit is motorized allowing it to rotate a full circle to face in any direction.

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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

As with all other August locks, the Wi-Fi Smart Lock replaces the existing internal manual twist mechanism and uses all existing locking hardware, including keys. It has the same puck-shaped design as previous generations, but at 2.8 by 1.8 inches (HD) it’s significantly smaller.

The back contains two wing latches that secure the lock to the mounting plate and a reset button. Under the hood is a Bluetooth radio and a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio. Built-in Wi-Fi is what sets this lock apart from previous iterations of the August locks, which required a bridge to connect to your home network. .

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WeMo Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug (WSP090)

Wemo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug gives you complete smart control over your lights, holiday decorations, and other outdoor devices. With two waterproof outlets, you can set schedules and control two devices together from anywhere using the app or your voice with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Hey Google.*

The Smart Outdoor Plug uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of outdoor devices without the need for a subscription or hub. Simply plug the outdoor smart plug into an outlet, connect two devices, connect to WiFi, and control using the Wemo app.

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protect the nest

Now in its second generation, Nest Protect remains the smartest and most feature-rich smoke detector on the market. It’s also the least obtrusive device of its kind. With automated rules that can safely light an exit from your home and a choice of wired or battery-powered models available, Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector. However, it is impossible to escape the fact that it is expensive.

The Nest Protect looks futuristic. Featuring a square body with rounded edges, it is slightly wider than most smoke detectors, but not as deep (135 x 135 x 39mm). And, as far as these devices go, that’s pretty cool. Nest Protect is available in two flavors. There is a battery-operated model and a corded version.

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Amazon Echo (3rd generation)

Both are identical in design, dimension and controller configuration. Without listening to the two, the only noticeable difference is the Plus’ built-in Zigbee smart home hub and temperature sensor. However, our confidence in Amazon’s ability to pack smart features into great speakers meant we expected the Echo to remain among the best in its class.

This is achieved through the Amazon Alexa app, which is also where you’ll be able to adjust the equalizer, pair two speakers for stereo playback, and create multi-room product groups. The last two features can only be unlocked if you stream your music over Wi-Fi.

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Arlo Pro 4 Floodlight Camera

The Arlo Pro 4 is our pick for the best smart security camera on the market, thanks to superior smart home integration, 2K video resolution, affordable cloud storage, and no base stations. It’s not a cheap or perfect camera. But after testing it for a few weeks, we think it offers the best balance of advanced features and price compared to other high-end cameras like Google Nest† Cam IQ Indoor and Ring Spotlight Cam.

One of the best features of the Arlo Pro 4 is its night vision in both color and infrared modes. Color night vision uses a built-in spotlight to illuminate subjects close to the camera when there is movement. It’s useful for getting a bit more detail, but it’s not as unobtrusive as the IR night vision setup.

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WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Measuring 3.8 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches, the Wemo Mini is thin enough to put two on top of each other, but it’s longer than most outlets. Still, the Mini isn’t the most mini smart plug. The TP-Link HS-105, for example, measures 2.75 x 2.2 x 1 inches, while the iHome ISP6X measures 2.8 x 2.1 x 1.5 inches.

The WeMo app home screen displays all of your connected WeMo devices and gives you the option to turn them on or off with a simple power button icon. Going deeper, a Rules tab at the bottom lets you set outlet on or off times, a sleep timer, and enable an away mode.

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SimpliSafe 9

SimpliSafe is an inexpensive home security system that has a lot to offer renters and homeowners alike. There’s no contract and you can buy both your security equipment and a 24/7 professional monitoring subscription for much less than you would pay for other alarm systems.

SimpliSafe equipment is inexpensive compared to many other home security companies, especially big names like ADT and Vivint. Due to SimpliSafe’s in-home installation and no-contract model, you must purchase all of your safety equipment in advance. Even so, you’ll still pay less for SimpliSafe equipment than for equipment from most other security companies.

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