Barco: Are your devices compatible with ClickShare?


If you plan to install ClickShare at the center of your hybrid meeting room, we give you this quick checklist to see if all your solutions are interoperable.

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As an IT manager, you want to make sure that you have the right technology to organize a smooth, hybrid collaboration between employees, wherever they are. You are looking for technology that is quick to deploy, with minimal hassle, friction or additional costs like licensing. And you want your meeting room ecosystems – and their users – to reach their full potential.

Make sure that all devices (AV devices, screen,…) work together seamlessly. That’s why there is ClickShare, the solution that connects your meeting room ecosystem. It connects you all devices and enables one-click wireless conferencing and content sharing from your laptop, for a simpler user experience. But how do you know if your devices are compatible with ClickShare?

Do the quick compatibility check …

The ClickShare conference is agnostic: it works with any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), any UC&C platform for a real Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM): Microsoft teams, Zoom, Webexby Cisco, … and has the widest compatibility with different AV devices in the market. Thus, there is a good chance that your existing or desired devices are compatible with ClickShare.

Be careful if:

Do you want to connect multiple devices?

Connect your devices via a USB switch. Make sure that only 1 camera and 1 speaker are active at any given time.

Does your appliance require more power?

Connect your device with a USB-C or via a powered USB hub.

Do you have an HDMI camera?

Use an HDMI to USB converter to connect your camera.

We do not take care of:

  • Separate microphone and speaker (even when connected via USB)

  • Microphone in the camera or in the screen (not part of a speaker)

  • Audio via HDMI when speaker is connected

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With products from our alliance partners, your meeting room will run smoothly

Barco works closely with an ever growing community of Alliance Partners across the world. Together, we bring you the best wireless video conferencing experience, inside and outside the meeting room. Explore brands and vendors of meeting room peripherals with which ClickShare Conference collaborates. All solutions, services or products in our database have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to work and continue to function in the future with upcoming software updates.


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