ATX Networks Expands Edge Computing Capabilities of Visium MD Media Gateway

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, will demonstrate the recently expanded edge computing capabilities of the Visium™ MD, the company’s modular and widely deployed media and business services gateway for pay-TV service providers, at next week’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia, PA.

Deployed in thousands of hotels and other non-residential locations, including hospitals, sports arenas and businesses, the Visium MD has recently been enhanced to support a variety of applications that require close proximity to low-latency, compute-intensive and processing resources, rather than relying on remote data centers.

“The Visium MD is designed and engineered to be a near-perfect edge computing solution,” said Andrew Isherwood, general manager and technical director of Media Distribution at ATX. “In addition to being already installed in thousands of enterprise locations, the platform is hardened to work in insecure environments and can be managed remotely, allowing enterprises to easily launch new applications as needed. .”

The need for advanced computing resources has increased dramatically in recent years due to the deployment of enterprise applications that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, and other Internet of Things (IoT) mechanisms that require near real-time computing performance. By bringing processing power closer to the data source, such as the cameras used for facial recognition or the thousands of sensors installed in smart buildings, companies can avoid the typical performance lags of going back and forth over the Internet or another wide area network to a data center or centralized computing facility.

Deployed as a mass video distribution platform in thousands of locations by some of the world’s largest pay-TV providers, the Visium MD gained the ability to serve as an edge server for third-party applications with the introduction of the year of a generic processing blade that can be containerized and configured to meet specific application requirements. The initial use case for the processing blade is to ingest video content from CDNs primarily formatted using Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) or Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology, supporting the transition of cable- operators to video over IP broadcasting.

Several North American MSOs are currently evaluating Visium MD8, the 8-slot version of the Visium platform, for this purpose.

In addition to its large deployment footprint, the Visium MD is an ideal edge computing platform due to its field-proven security capabilities and its ability to operate in an insecure environment. Visium media gateways, as well as ATX’s Visium SBB Pro:Idiom compatible security adapter and recently introduced DVIS™ II local channel insertion solution, support remote monitoring, control and configuration via Visium Manager, a versatile element management system that dramatically reduces operational overhead.

“ATX has a rich history of helping customers navigate technology transitions, such as the continued migration of video content to IP and the evolution of the HFC network,” added Isherwood. “The Visium MD continues this legacy, playing a pivotal role in helping service providers and their enterprise customers move from a centralized environment to a distributed, edge computing-based environment.”

In addition to the Visium MD8 and MD16, ATX will also be showcasing Visium SBB and DVIS II capabilities at its SCTE Cable-Tec Expo booth (9019).

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