Apple refuses to fix iPhone owner claims destroyed


According to Business intern, an iPhone owner named Theodore A. Kim sued Apple for $ 1,383.13. This is Kim’s exact price iPhone 12 model who Apple refused to repair despite the device being still under warranty. Kim had bought his handset in Vietnam in October 2020 and the warranty is in effect until October 2022 according to the owner of the device.

Apple refuses to repair an iPhone it allegedly damaged while in its care

Mr Kim had taken the phone with him when he returned to the United States during the pandemic and his iPhone was having difficulty reading an American SIM card. He called Apple and the company suggested that he take the phone to an Apple Store, which he did.

Kim explained what happened next. “And so I took it to the store and they sent it to the repair depot – then they come back and said, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to fix this because it’s been tampered with'”, did he declare. “And I said, ‘Altered in what way? “”

Apple didn’t come back with an answer, but when Theodore picked up his iPhone 12 series phone, he now had a broken SIM tray. Kim filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​claiming that the SIM tray was damaged while the phone was in Apple’s possession. Apple responded by saying that if the SIM tray had been broken under its care, it would have fixed the device, and it now considers the matter closed.
With the warranty voided by Apple, Kim offered to pay for the repair of her iPhone, but Apple also declined. So he decided to email Apple CEO Tim Cook at the end of June, but never got a response from the executive or the company. So he connected with Google search and found a blog written in 2012 by someone who sued Apple in Seattle Small Claims Court (the title of the blog post says it all, “Sue Apple.”).

Kim figured it might be a good idea and compared his situation to David’s when he faced Goliath (Apple being the latter, of course). Most likely, the outcome of the lawsuit will depend on Kim’s ability to convince the court that her phone was in Apple’s possession when the SIM tray was broken. His BBB complaint states that “The SIM tray was damaged while in possession of the Apple repair. This was admitted by one of the Apple Store managers (Liz) at the San Francisco Union location. Square.”

Apple was also hit on Friday by two lawsuits claiming it infringed the patents of two companies

Speaking of lawsuits and Apple, Appleinsider reports that the company is also charged with patent infringement in not one, but two separate cases. Both documents accuse the tech giant of using other companies’ technologies without permission for the iPhone. The first lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware by a company called ImmerVision, and the lawsuit alleges that Apple violated a patent it received in 2005.
The record indicates that the devices covered by the lawsuit include, but are not limited to, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. ImmerVision, which touts itself as the world leader in wide-angle imaging, says it is seeking “sufficient pecuniary damages to compensate it for defendant’s infringement of claim 21 of the ‘990 patent, as well as interest, fees and lawyers’ fees. “
Thanks to this technology, the wide-angle camera of the iPhone can capture images without distortion.
The second patent infringement action was filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas on Friday by Aire Technology Limited. The lawsuit alleges that Apple illegally used technology covered by a trio of patents awarded to Aire related to NFC and digital wallet technologies. The devices mentioned in the combination are the iPhone and Apple watch while the applications involved include Apple Pay and Wallet.
Apple, of course, will ask its in-house legal experts to deal with the patent infringement case. As for Mr. Kim’s small claims action, if Apple was responsible for damaging the Sim Tray, it would have to give Mr. Kim a new iPhone.

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