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Standing in first position, my feet resting on my plush carpet and the sun on my face, I felt the silent release of stress. Experiencing mania again, I dug through my toolbox to find a self-healing technique to help me find balance.

There are many ways for me to improve my mood. The movement of the dance changes my emotions for the better. This is something I have to deal with with the chronic mental illness that I am living with.

Dancing is one of my passions. I have taken lessons in many styles of dance: hip-hop, flamenco, ballroom dance and ballet. I’ve learned to move my muscles in new ways to get rid of the extra energy or the monthly blues.

When I dance or exercise, endorphins are released causing positive feelings. I feel like I flipped a switch in my brain to recalibrate. Fortunately, it is very effective.

This summer, I joined an outdoor ballet class in search of the happy chemicals to find inner calm.

Suzy Q, ballerina and founder of The Ballet Lounge, brought a spirit of joy and acceptance to our class. Her little dog Gizmo accompanied her and cheered us on. Her fluffy little body leaned against my knees as I stroked her silky fur. His presence soothes me and makes me smile.

Raising my arms above my head, I embraced the moment of dancing by the sea. I felt connected body and soul. In my mind, I left my worries to Jesus for him to take care of.

Finding the outdoor ballet class on the beach was such a sign of hope for me. A way to take tender care of my body and my soul.

We are interested beings. When we calm one part of our body and mind, the rest follow suit.

My mood has been up and down like a sailboat thrown into the sea. To survive the choppy waves, I have to dismantle the sails, put on a life jacket and let the storm pass.

The love of Jesus is my constant. Its comfort for me manifests itself in the hidden daily life. Smiles from friends, hugs from little Gizmo the ballet dog and reading the perfect scripture verse.

We all have scars and have our own mountains to climb. Jesus whispers to me: “I have you. And he can take any storm. Any storm can be overcome with the strength of Jesus.

I whisper back to Jesus, “I trust you.

His call for us is to take up our cross and follow him. These are fine words, but actively dealing with the uncomfortable and frustrating circumstances in my life is a challenge I face on a daily basis.

Carrying my cross on my own was never the plan. I need Jesus to shoulder her with me. It humbled me to ask for his help.

As Saint Gianna Beretta Molla says: “The secret of happiness is to live every moment and to thank God for all that he sends us, in his goodness, day after day. He surely sends me all the love and help I need at all times. I look forward to all the little details he takes care of me.

Jesus carries my illness and leads me to a new life. So all I have to do is be receptive and trust. While dancing, I feel whole again. The Lord is delighted with my ballet movements and my trial offerings.

May you too find the peace of Christ in the events of your daily life.

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